Action Beyond Crisis:
Six Demands for a Better Society

An Overview of our Six Demands

1. Protect Homes

Secure a safe home for everyone. That means a mortgage and rent freeze with no debt accumulation.
CJC support all COVID-19 related debt and mortgage strikes. Safe housing for the homeless and DV victims.

2. Secure Livelihoods

Secure a dignified livelihood for everyone. CJC oppose rolling back new government aid post-September. Address unemployment with radical new approaches, including shortened work weeks with no pay cuts and large scale green job creation.

3. Democracy and Rights⁠—Not Repression

Shutdown of parliaments is an unacceptable escape from public scrutiny. Government's decisions must be checked by the opposition and have non-parliamentary oversight. Maintain physical distancing as necessary but end all additional police powers. No roll back of union rights or our right to organise.

4. Prioritise Public Health

CJC welcome that transmissions are coming under control due to testing, adequate PPE, sanitisers and ventilators. However, private sector profiteering continues to inflate costs and the death toll. All health care goods and services must be put into public ownership.

5. Support COVID-19 Frontline Workers

The nature of COVID-19 drastically expands who CJC consider a front line worker. All these workers must receive special protections including: zero tolerance for unsafe working conditions, unlimited paid family and medical leave, full pay for any lost hours and the right to take industrial action.

6. International Solidarity

Low income countries must receive the most support during this economic and medical crisis. Furthermore, CJC oppose populist and authoritarian leaders who scapegoat particular nationalities. This is not a question of China vs. the US or any other nationalist dispute.

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